The Xina Naa Vali/Nacao Sñia/Los niños primero (Children First) program focuses on two outcomes:

1. To increase awareness and understanding of indigenous families about child development and the role they play as the most important teachers of their children during the first five years of their life
2. To promote effective participation of Indigenous families in the decision making process at the local level in the cities they live, generating changes that improve education and welfare of their children

Workshops are provided to groups of indigenous in a series of classes on a weekly basis. The workshops are based on the “Abriendo Puertas” (Opening Doors) curriculum. Participants will learn about a variety of topics to aid the development of stages of their children ages 0-5. The classes are conducted in Mixtec, Trique and Spanish.

Services we offer:
• Interpreting in Mixtec and Trique
• Registration and navigation assistance to social service programs
• Help with administrative procedures of health services
• Providing information and assistance for programs of other public health and social service programs

This program is funded by First Five Monterey County.


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