Guelaguetza California


Promote the culture of our indigenous communities is an important part of our mission. That’s why since 1999, we began to organize the Guelaguetza in the city of Fresno with the aim of preserving and disseminating our culture in California, USA.

The Guelaguetza is a space where different communities from Oaxaca have had the opportunity to meet and enjoy some of the culture that we inherited from our ancestors. At the Guelaguetza event, we can keep in touch with our traditions and remember our hometowns. The Guelaguetza is a celebration that allows us to educate our children about the rich culture of our people and that they can feel pride of our millenary tradition.

In our state of Oaxaca, the Guelaguetza is also known as the feast of Lunes del Cerro and takes place in the last two Mondays of the month of July.

As migrants, we chose to rescue this ancient celebration of our indigenous ancestors to keep alive our culture and traditions in the communities in which we live now.

To see pictures of past Guelaguetzas California click here
Guelaguetza California 2007 by Chris Schneider

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