Folkloric Dances and Oral Expression in Mixteco

As part of its mission, The Binational Center for the Development of Oaxacan Indigenous Communities (CBDIO) has the responsibility to support the indigenous community to develop their culture no matter where they at in this t planet . In this case, thanks to the support of the James Irvine Foundation, it is being done through workshops of traditional dances of Oaxaca and writing and expression in the millenary language Mixteco (Tu’un Savi).

Niños y niñas participando en el taller de bailables Oaxaqueños.
Kids participating in the Oaxacan dance workshop.

At the beginning of the year 2013, we started the dance workshops in the west and central area of Fresno. In this space, women, men, and many children learn about discipline and lose the shyness of dancing in front of others, when participating. They learn the dances of different regions of Oaxaca and make new friends, which helps them to get distracted from work and school. This helps children to stay away from the video games, instead they make good physical and mental exercises. Others learn a lot to express and talk with others on their own language, which raises their self-esteem. Grupo Folklorico Donaji Del Valle Central, the name chosen by the group, has participated successfully at events organized by the Coalition of Fresno, Susan B. Elementary School Anthony, FIYA, and Altares de Familia in Bakersfield. Other highlights are the Restaurant Oaxaca California Fresno, Day of the Virgin of Juquila , and the 20th anniversary of CBDIO .

Niños participando en el taller de Mixteco
Kids participating in the Mixteco Workshops

On the other hand , we also started with workshops Mixteco language, which is very unique for the reason that it has been ever offered at the community level in the United States. The focus of this class is for Oaxaca and non-Oaxacan community to learn how to write Mixteco and with the writing may give oral expressions . The vision with these workshops is to rescue the language and prevent it from disappearing . Children, youth and adults have the opportunity to learn this language depper and through the analization they can understand the richness of its expression. Yó’o Tu’un Savi (Roots of the language of the rain ), was the name chosen by this group, who proudly had presented in spaces such as the Restauran Oaxaca, La Guelaguetza California Fresno, Boderless Beauty , Radio Bilingue and the 20th anniversary of CBDIO .

In 2014, we will continue with the two workshops in Madera, California. This way we can continue to strengthen the identity of our communities through art expression.

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