International Migrants Day: 16 years later

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International Migrants Day
16 years later

Greenfield, California, December 15, 2016. On December 4, 2000, the United Nations declared the International Migrants Day, recognizing that millions of migrants and our families have been forced to leave our countries of origin for a variety of reasons; economic, political, social, cultural, persecution, death threats, expulsions, etc.

This date is not celebrated by many governments of our countries of origin and less in the countries of destination, nor by civil society, migrant organizations, their communities and leaders, although it is a subject of great importance because it represents between the first and second source of income from remittances sent to our countries of origin.


And 26 years after the adoption of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, that by the way, the majority of the countries that have ratified it are the countries of origin but not the countries of destination of the migrants; the United States, Canada and the European Union.

The destination countries of migrants, mainly the United States, since this year’s pre-campaign and Presidential campaign, Republican Party President elect Donald Trump accused Mexicans of being criminals, drug dealers, stealing, raping, taking away work, and so on. A campaign of hate, of verbal violence, where the neo-Nazi groups emerged in different parts of the country that are acting with physical violence against the migrants and our families; we will live in this atmosphere of hatred and discrimination for many years to come.


Governments in countries of origin are so guilty of so much migration because they are doing nothing to address the cause of migration, to create jobs and production, to stop violence, to invest in agricultural fields, and we only read and listen to empty speeches, without knowledge or proposals to help solve problems.

Therefore, the Binational Center for the Development Indigenous Communities, a community benefit organization in the United States, founded and led by indigenous migrants from Oaxaca, Mexico, commemorates the International Migrants Day with an informational public forum on the rights of migrants and their families in the City of Greenfield, California at the Community Center located at 1351 Oak Avenue.


Building wall around the United States will not stop the migration, let alone lower it to zero because it is not the way to solve problems created by the governments of the world and the international financial organisms that are so guilty of thousands of deaths, disappearances, families detainees, women raped, tortured, extortion, theft, etc.

We call on migrant organizations, their leaders and communities to create a well-coordinated national movement to face the militarist, warlike, hateful, intolerant politics in which the migratory issue is already being used. Also for this day to be celebrated throughout the country as a day of simultaneous actions in favor of the migrant cause.


That Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) continues in favor of thousands of young Dreamers.

In 2017, there is an integral legalization law with path to citizenship for millions of migrants and their families who have been working in the United States, contributing to its economic, social, cultural, civic development, paying their taxes, contributing to Social Security and many successful people.

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