Highlight of the Month

The Monterey Bay Aquarium, a magical place where children and adults can have a wonderful experience. This experience is not always possible for low income families as they don’t have the economical means. There are many barriers that contribute to low income families not having access to the aquarium. Some of these barriers include lack of transportation, lack of money and language access. Thanks to the Free to Learn Program (FTLP) and First Five Monterey County (F5MC) on June 24 we had 12 families who had the opportunity to experience the wonders of the sea life. The FTL program was able to provide us with the entrance at no cost to the parents and children and also provided us with tools to make the trip a fun and learning experience. The aquarium does a great job having a lot of the information available in Spanish for the non english speakers. However in Greenfield and King City there is a concentration of indigenous families whose language is not spanish. These families either speak Trique or Mixtec and understand minimal Spanish. For these 12 families this was the very first trip to the Monterey Aquarium and the first time they were out of their cities. During the visit to the aquarium an explanation of each area visited was provided in their native language (Trique or Mixtec). For the families this was a trip they were able to enjoy with their children and learn about the marine world. The 12 families that attended the trip have recently completed the parenting series “Abriendo Puertas” where they are learning important parenting skills that will help them develop their strenghts, this is a program that is offered in Greenfield and King City California.

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