Indigenous Identity and Migration, main topics addressed at CBDIO’s events

Fresno, CA.- Indigenous identity, culture and migration are the main topics of a series of presentations about the indigenous peoples that the Binational Center for the Development of Oaxacan Indigenous Communities (CBDIO) has organized as part of the worldwide celebrations of the Indigenous Peoples Day.

As a tribute to the indigenous communities for their struggle to survive and preserve their cultures despite the diverse historical challenges and the migration phenomenon, the CBDIO will start the celebrations with the Indigenous Day Conference on October 13, in the city of Fresno.

This conference will address the themes of “Indigenous Migration: Historic Perspective and Social Activism” presented by Ph.D. Gaspar Rivera, Dr. Laura Velasco and Ph.D. Jaime García Leyva; Bonnie Bade and Dr. Edilberto Hernández will explain the Mixtec and Triqui approaches to traditional healing, activists Irma Luna (Mixtec), Odilia Romero (Zapotec) and Bernardina Hernández (Triqui) will share their life experiences as indigenous migrants in the US.

The event will include the screening of “2501 Migrants. A journey”, a documentary by Chatina filmmaker Yolanda Cruz, who shows artist Alejandro Santiago and his project to repopulate his community Teococuilco with clay figures representing all the inhabitants who migrated to the United States. Pictures by Mixtec photographer Miguel Zafra, will also be exhibited. The event will also feature delicious traditional Oaxacan food, music and handcrafts.

This conference is aim to the public service providers who work at clinics, hospitals, and other social services offices where the indigenous people seek assistance. In many cases, the workers of public agencies and institutions are not aware of the diversity of languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples, so the indigenous population face different barriers accessing services. With this event, CBDIO wants to provide information about the indigenous population living in the Central Valley.

Given the significance of the Indigenous Day and because the importance of the issues addressed, CBDIO will also present the tour called “Film and Indigenous Identity”. The documentary “2501 Migrants. A journey” will be screened in the cities of Petaluma, Hollister, Greenfield and Santa Maria. As part of the presentation, doctor Edilberto Hernandez will also speak about the indigenous identity.

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