Mixtec Alphabet – NDUSU TU’UN SAVI


Ve’e Tu’un Savi A. C. (Academy of the Mixtec Language), has been working since 1990 to conceptualize the Mixtec Language as Tu’un Savi, which means “word of the rain” or “voices of the rain”.

The goal of the Academy is not to standardize the language, instead it aims to socialize and generalize some concepts inherited from our ancestors, such as Ñuu Savi (community or town of rain, meaning people) and Tu’un Savi (word of the rain, meaning language).

This practical alphabet of the language “Ndusu Tu’un Savi”, which literally means “sounds of the words of the rain”, was developed for it’s socialization as a tool for writing, to create literature, and the learning process of students and adults participating in the workshops of linguistic development.
The Mixtec territory is so vast and comprises the states of Puebla, Guerrero and Oaxaca, Mexico. It has a territorial extension of 13,5135 squared miles. Due to the growing migration of Mixtecs to the United States, the Mixtec peoples have trascended the geographical terrytory, spreading across some states of this country.


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  1. Me gusta su alfabeto. Mi variante es un poco diferente que el suyo, pero si entiende. 🙂
    Hemos hecho mas ayudas tambien para todos que quieren aprender leer en mixteco o para todos que estan aprendiendo la idioma. Tal vez nuestro sitio le interesa tambien 😀 es: mixtecobajo.weebly.com
    Sigue con el buen trabajo!

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